ADB Seminar – Tapping Technology to Maximize Longevity Dividend in Asia, 3 May 2018

Aging and demographic change pose opportunities and challenges to achieving sustained productivity and economic growth. Longevity and longer working life can offer new business opportunities with support of technological innovations. The region presents diverse demographic profiles, and the scope for regional cooperation in managing physical, financial, and human resources more efficiently is large: for example, by building supportive infrastructure to broaden access to technology, pooling regional pension funds and managing social and health care, and promoting human capital development and cross-border labor mobility. This seminar discusses how aging societies can explore and harness the potential of new technology, national policy, and regional collaboration options to reap the benefits of longevity.

ADB Publication – Tapping Technology to Maximise the Longevity Dividend in Asia, May 2018

ADB – Aging Asians to slow region’s growth




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