Blueprint for Active Ageing Malaysia


Towards Meaningful Ageing

The shift is underway. Malaysians are living longer and the elderly population is increasing rapidly. A longer life brings great opportunities. Planning ahead will help to ease the elderly’s worries associated with getting old, empower them and make their extra years of life meaningful.

An active elderly Malaysian is one that is able to live independently and confidently - free from constraints that could limit their daily lives. This blueprint intends to lay out the plan of action to be taken towards productive ageing. This initiative is necessary in order to make ageing a positive experience for everyone.

Ageing is inevitable for everyone. How do you want to see your future? Share your views on the following:

Family, Living Arrangement & Social Network

Retirement & Financial Plan

Malaysia Ageing Retirement Survey (MARS)

MARS is a longitudinal study currently being implemented by the Centre aimed at respondents aged 50 and above. The data will provide invaluable input for the Blueprint for Active Ageing Malaysia towards strengthening Malaysia’s social protection system.

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