Research collaboration with NIBUD (National Institute for Family Finance Information), Netherlands

Our research team has recently visited the National Institute for Family Finance Information (Nibud) at the Netherlands to learn more about the institution and for possible research collaboration.

Nibud is a very well-known and respected independent foundation in the Netherlands that gives information and advice on financial matters of private households. Its mission is to contribute to family welfare by promoting a sound way of money management. Founded at Utrecht, Netherlands in 1979, Nibud specialises in micro-economics, debt help, financial behavior, fiscal law, financial education and communication.

One of the most significant outcome the Dutch institution has introduced is the Handbook of Reference Budget which is use for debt prevention and budget information work for more than 25 years in Netherlands. Reference budgets are patterns of expenditure for different types of households to live at a designated level of well-being. It is the basis of poverty measurement and play an important role in Dutch society. This work is very much in line with SSRC’s objectives which focus more on community’s savings adequacy, issues pertaining to pensions and social protection.

The team was welcomed to Nibud by Marcel Warnaar and Anna van der Schors, Senior Research Fellows.


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