Ayu bulat

Mas Idayu Ab Ghani

Administrative Officer

BA (Office System Management), UiTM.

She coordinates SWRC relationships with stakeholders and serve as liaison officer for the center.

Pn Mariam bulat

Mariam Mohd Ali

Senior Administrative Officer

BA (Arts), Dip. Ed, UM.

She leads the administrative team and works closely with the Director and members of management of the Centre in the development of strategy, new relationships and funding applications

Nadia bulat

Nur Nadia Arshad

Administrative Officer

BA (Administrative Science), UiTM.

She assists the admin and work closely with research team. Managing and maintaining the infrastructure of the centre, Asset & Inventory. Person Incharge of  the Quality management & audit management.

azmi bulat

Muhammad Norazmi 


Administrative Officer - Finance

Dip. in Accounting, Polytechnic  

He supports SWRC in finance and budget, and monitor the expenditure matters as well as preparing financial report.

aniz bulalt

Aniz Yusnida Zakaria

Assistant Administrative Officer – Finance

Dip. in Technology Computer System, ADTEC

She supports the SWRC administrative team on financial matters.

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