MOVIE SCREENING – SSRC CREATIVE LEARNING (12 December 2017), 5.30pm, Econo-Cube (H09)

SSRC is looking at creative ways of learning more about social security, life after retirement and how we can carry on with lifestyles that are fulfilling and active. It is also important to ensure that we lead stable lives with lifelong security and care. With this in mind, we are initiating movie screenings as a creative program. We intend to screen films that will bring about lessons learned from other countries and cultures. Our next endeavor would be screening the film entitled


Synopsis: Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) is a 59-year-old widowed carpenter who must rely on welfare after a recent heart attack leaves him unable to work. Despite his doctor’s diagnosis, British authorities deny Blake’s benefits and tell him to return to his job. As Daniel navigates his way through an agonizing appeal process, he begins to develop a strong bond with a destitute, single mother (Hayley Squires) who’s struggling to take care of her two children.


Date: 12 December 2017 (Tuesday)

Time: 5.30 pm

Venue: Econo-Cube (H09)

Faculty of Economics & Administration, University of Malaya

RSVP before 08 December 2017: Ms Nur Nadia Arshad / Mr Evangelos

Contact: 03-7967 3774 Email:

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