Policy Brief

List of SWRC Policy Brief Series

No Title Authors
2020-2 Malaysian Informal Sector: How Are They Covered Against Main Contingencies? Tan Eu Chye, Kuppusamy Singaravelloo, Roza Hazli Zakaria & Sonia Kumari Selvarajan
2020-1 Retirement Planning by Civil Servants Kuppusamy Singaravelloo, Muzalwana Abdul Talib, Nurul Liyana Mohd Kamil, Yong Sook Lu, Nurhidayah Abdullah, Norma Mansor & Rashid Ating
2018-1 Financial Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior of Young Working Adults in Malaysia Yong Chen Chen, Yew Siew Yong and Wee Chu Kok
2015-2 Closing the Coverage Gap for Old Age Protection in Malaysia: The case for Universal Social Pension Saidatulakmal Mohd
2015-1 The Welfare of the Elderly: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Saidatulakmal Mohd


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