halimah bulat


Halimah Awang

PhD Applied Statistics Macquarie University, Australia

Principal Research Fellow

Research Interests: Quality of life, Health policy and medical decision-making and Health insurance

Dr Mario

Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada

PhD Economics, UM

Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests: Policy Modelling, Economic modelling, Economic indicators and Development of socio-economic issues



 Yamunah Devi Apalasamy

 PhD Pharmacology ,UM

Research Fellow

Research Interests: Social Protection, Ageing, Social Policy and Non-communicable disease

Nik Ainoon


Nik Noor Ainoon 

Nik Osman

MBA Islamic Finance, International Business Management , UM

Research Fellow

Research Interests: Household finance & economics and Population ageing


Nur Fakhrina Ab


MA Econs, IIUM

Research Interests: Economics, Social Wellbeing, Social Policy and Survey Methodology



Tan Lih Yoong

MA Econs, UM

Research Interests: Data analysis, Economics, Applied statistics, Applied Econometric and Social Wellbeing

zul cropped


Mohd Zulfadhli 



Research Interests: Public Administration, Policy Analysis, Politics, Social Protection and International Relation

Dee bulat

Nurul Diyana 


MA Applied Statistics, UM

Research Interests: Demography, Data mining and Social policy


hazim bulat

Muhammad Hazim


MSc Applied Biopharmaceutical Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, University of Nottingham

Research Interests: Minimum wage, Unemployment, Income and wealth distribution, Cancer research Bioinformatics. Reference budget and Ageing & retirement



Alexander Lourdes Samy

MMedSc (Medicine), UM

Research Interests: Clinical Epidemiology, Gerontology, Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Mental Health, Behavioural Medicine and Quality of Life


Nur Azrin Abu Bakar

MSc Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy, Cardiff University, UK

Research Interests: Ageing and retirement, Social Enterprise, Community Development and Women’s Empowerment




Mohamad Fadzul Iqram Mohamad Shauqi

BE Public Administration, UM

Research Interests: Inequality, Social wellbeing, Economics, Philosophy and Political

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