Ongoing Research Projects

A Regional Study on Social Protection Coverage: ASEAN Countries

Financial Literacy of Malaysian Young Working Adults: Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior

Malaysian Informal Sector: How Are They Protected Against Main Contingencies

Development of Module for Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) and Certified Return To Work Coordinators (CRTWC)

The Impact of Return-to-Work (RTW) on EPF Contribution and the National Economy

Reference Budget for Malaysian Households (myRB)

Development of Coursework for Chartered Pension Professional Programme

Malaysia Ageing and Retirement Survey

Completed Research Projects

Stock Take on Players, Available Products and Databases on Social Security in Malaysia

SSRC Working Paper Series No. 2014-2: Social Security in Malaysia: Stock-take on Players, Available Products and Databases [link]

Closing the Coverage Gap for Old Age Protection in Malaysia: The Case for Universal Social Pensions

Saidatulakmal Mohd, Norma Mansor, Halimah Awang and Shamsulbahriah Ku Ahmad (2015). Population Ageing, Poverty and Social Pension in Revisiting Malaysia’s Population and Development Nexus: The Past in its Future. Tey Nai Peng, Cheong Kee Cheok, Rajah Rasiah (Eds.). 155-174. UM Press.

The Welfare of the Elderly: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Saidatulakmal Mohd, Abdelhak Senadjki & Norma Mansor (2016). Living Arrangements of Elderly: Evidence from Household Income Expenditure Survey [link]

Saidatulakmal Mohd, Abdelhak Senadjki & Norma Mansor (2016). Trends of Poverty among Elderly: Evidence from Household Income Survey. Journal of Poverty, DOI: 10.1080/10875549.2016.1186779

EPF Sample Data : Cleaning, Processing and Initial Analysis

  SSRC Working Paper Series No. 2016-1: Employees Provident Fund Data for Evidence-based Social Protection Policies in Malaysia.

Understanding Ageing and Retirement in Malaysia: An Exploratory Study

Savings Adequacy among Retirees in Malaysia: Issues and Options

SSRC Working Paper Series No. 2016-2: Savings Adequacy Assessment: The Case of Malaysian Employees Provident Fund Members

Influence of time perspective, perceived moral obligation and financial competence on decision to plan financially for retirement

Post MDGs and Beyond: Lessons and Policy Challenges for Malaysia and ASEAN Countries

Cost Benefit Analysis of Return-to-Work by SOCSO

Chapter 7: Evaluating A Return to Work Programme. SOSCO RTW Programme in Malaysia – A Journey Through a Decade A Handbook 2016.

  Factors Related to Successful Return to Work Following Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation (2017), Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine; 49: 520–525

Return-to-Work Program for Injured Workers: Factors of Successful Return to Employment (2016), Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health 28(8): 694–702

 Work Related Injury and Illness: Exploring the Return-To-Work Program In Malaysia (2016), Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 46(6): 1124-1133


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