Date Seminar/Workshop Speaker  Slides Additional Readings
25/05/2017 Seminar on Working Longer in an Aging Society: Employer Concerns and Worker Preferences


Professor Robert Clark, Zelnak Professor of Economics Download
 10/10/2016 Public Lecture on A New Paradigm for Sustainable Pension Systems: Reform, Inform, Educate. Professor Elsa Fornero, former Italy’s Minister of Labour, Social Policies and Equal Opportunities.  Download
  1. The Future of Welfare in a Global Europe
  2. Too Busy To Stay At Work. How Willing Are Italian Workers “To Pay” To Anticipate Their Retirement?
 24/03/2015 Public Lecture on Addressing Longevity Risk Through Private Annuities: Issues and Options.


Professor Robert Holzmann, Holder of OAFPC
 19/06/2014 Workshop on Managing Financial Capability and the Effectiveness of Interventions. Professor Robert Holzmann, Holder of OAFPC
Introduction and Conceptual Foundations:From financial knowledge to attitudes, behavior, and more

Measuring Financial Capability:The World Bank and OECD approaches.

The Russia Trust Fund And Toolkit in Action:Results from 17 country pilots and selected in-depth case  studies

Introduction To Impact Evaluation: Highlights from The Toolkit For The Evaluation of Financial Capability

Case Studies from the World Bank Russia Trust Fund

  1. Financial Capability in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: Measurement and Evaluation
  2. Measuring Financial Capability: A New Instrument and Results from Low-and Middle-Income Countries.
  3. Making Sense of Financial Capability Surveys around the World.
  4. Measuring Financial Capability: Questionnaires and Implementation Guidance for Low-and Middle-Income Countries.
  5. A Toolkit for the Evaluation of Financial Capability Programs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.
  6. Enhancing Financial Capability and Behavior in Low-and Middle Countries.
 19/06/2013 Public Lecture on Population Aging and Retirement Income Systems : Issues, Choices and Selection.


Professor Robert Holzmann, Holder of OAFPC
 11/04/2013 Seminar and Book Launch Matching Contributions for Pensions : A Review of International Experience.


Professor Robert Holzmann, Holder of OAFPC
 07/12/2012 Seminar and Book Launch on Nonfinancial Defined Contribution Pension Schemes in a Changing Pension World.” Professor Robert Holzmann, Holder of OAFPC
Volume 1- Download
Volume 2- Download 
 27/09/2012 Seminar on Healthcare Financing (HCF):  Options for Malaysia


 Dr. Chua Hong Teck
 05/07/2012 Seminar on Global Pension Systems and Their Reform: Worldwide Drivers, Trends, and Challenges


 Professor Robert Holzmann, Holder of OAFPC
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