david wier

David Weir

Ph.D., Economics, Stanford University, UK 

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center and Research Professor, Survey Research Center

Visited UM in Mac 2018

Research Interests: Quality of life, Health policy and medical decision-making and Health insurance


 E-mail: dweir@umich.edu 

robert clark

Robert Clark

Ph.D., Economics, Duke University, USA 

 Research Associate with the NBER's program in Aging

Research Interests:  Labor Economics, Economics of Aging, Pension and Retirement Policies


 E-mail: rclark@ncsu.edu

Tey nai peng

Assoc. Prof. Tey Nai Peng


Ph.D., UM 


Associate Professor, Department of Applied Statistics, Faculty of Economics and Administration, UM


Research Interests: Statistical Data Analysis, Application of SPSS (Statistical data analysis), Demographic analysis, population, socioeconomic and Sampling  Survey &  Techniques (Sampling, survey)


 E-mail: teynp@um.edu.my

ng sor tho

Assoc. Prof. Ng Sor Tho

Ph.D., Gerontolongy, UPM 

Department of Apllied Statistics

Research Interests: Social Sciences and Population and Demographic Studies (Social gerontology, Ageing, Older Persons, Life Satisfaction, Applied Statistics)


 E-mail: ngst@um.edu.my

low wah

Professor Low Wah Yun


Ph.D., Surrey University Survey, UK 


Professor at Faculty of Medicine and Adjunct Professor Professor, UKM. 


Research Interests: Mental Health (Behavioural medicine, health and medical psychology, social epidemiology), Sexual and Reproductive Health and Clinical Psychology (counselling, community psychology, psychological methods in research)


 E-mail: lowwy@um.edu.my


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noran Naqiah

Ph.D., University of Sydney, Australia 

Associate Professor at Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. UM

Research Interests: Epidemiology (Epidemiology, Research Methodology, Medical statistics)  and Preventive Medicine (geriatrics and gerontology, aging)


E-mail: noran@um.edu.my


Dato' Sri Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin


Ph.D., Economics,University of Sheffield, UK 


Chief Statistician Malaysia, 

Department of Statistics, Malaysia


He has served the Dept  of Statistics Malaysia for the past 27 years. He is a member of various expert groups globally as well as international associations. Currently he is the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee of ISI World Statistics Congress 2019 whereby Malaysia will be the host.


E-mail: uzir@dosm.gov.my

tahir aris

Dr. Tahir Aris

Master of Community Health (Occupational Health) UKM

Director, Public Health Specialist & Researcher, Institute for Public Health, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Actively involved in Survey Research since 1995 and became the expert in Research Methodology and Medical Statistics.  He has been consulted in many research projects within and outside the Ministry of Health including WHO. 

 E-mail: tahir.a@moh.gov.my