SWRC Policy brief Series 2021-1: Work, Family and Childcare: Retaining Women in the Labour Market in Malaysia

SWRC Policy Brief Series 2020-2
Malaysian Informal Sector: How Are They Covered Against Main Contingencies?

SWRC Policy Brief Series 2020-1
Retirement Planning by
Civil Servants. 

SWRC Policy Brief Series 2018-1
Financial Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior of Young Working Adults in Malaysia.

SSRC Policy Brief Series 2016-1
Savings Adequacy Assessment:
The Case of the Malaysian
Employees Provident Fund Members.

SSRC Policy Brief Series 2015-2
Closing the Coverage Gap for Old Age Protection in Malaysia: The Case for Universal Social Pension.

SSRC Policy Brief Series 2015-1
The Welfare of the Elderly: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.