About the Study

Malaysia Ageing and Retirement Survey (MARS) is a major research undertaking by the Social Wellbeing Research Centre (SWRC) to produce nationwide longitudinal micro-level data relating to ageing and retirement involving personal interviews of individuals aged 40 years and older in Malaysia. 

MARS collects information on vital issues impacting their lives which include personal (background characteristics, etc.), family (relationship with spouse, parents, children, siblings, transfers, etc.), health (health status, diagnosed illness, healthcare utilisation, physical measurement, etc.), economic (work, employment, retirement, income, etc.) and other social factors (friends, social participation, etc). 

MARS data are to be harmonised with leading international research data so as to enable adoption of best practices and comparability of findings across participating countries around the world. It is hoped that the rich potential of MARS data from such a longitudinal study will become a pivotal source of invaluable inputs in promoting research and development opportunities, and enhancing policy making for healthy and active ageing in Malaysia.

Main Topics

  • Family support and living arrangement
  • Health, healthcare utilisation, psycho-social cognition, physical measurements
  • Work, employment and retirement
  • Income and consumption
  • Housing, savings and assets

Data and Documentation

  • Wave 1: Data Dictionary (PDF)
  • Wave 1: A Snapshot (PDF)
  • Wave 1: Key Findings (PDF)
  • Wave 1: Full Report

Accessing the Data

There are two available datasets:

  • MARS Wave-1 2018/2019 Package A (Background,  Health, Physical Measurement, risk factors, ADL/IADL, Cognition and Healthcare)
  • MARS Wave-1 2018/2019 Package B (Background, Family, Employment, Income, Savings & Assets)
  • MARS Wave-1 2018/2019 Package C (full dataset - administrative data not available)
  • Harmonized MARS (Full version not yet available)

Researchers who wish to request for data from Malaysia Ageing and Retirement Survey (MARS), please fill in this form. For Undergraduate, Masters or a PhD student who wishes to submit their application for data request, you are required to upload a supporting document from your supervisor as verification and endorsement of your research project.

For any queries, contact nfakhrina@um.edu.my.

For more information about harmonized MARS data, please visit the Gateway for Global Aging.